Don't sit on the Switch like this person
Image: @nintendo_cs

The Switch might be a technical wonder – allowing users to game on the go, or on the couch – but if you don't put it away safely when you're done playing bad things could happen.

Nintendo's customer support Twitter account for Japan recently issued an amusing but serious warning – reminding Switch owners not to throw their system on the sofa in case they sit on it. Obviously, if you do this you run the risk of breaking the screen, analog sticks, and buttons.

If you want to keep your Switch as safe as possible, we would advise docking it after a handheld session or finding a fancy protective case if you don't already have one. You can also check out our extensive accessory guide and look at the latest cases, pouches, and backpacks to help protect your beloved hybrid device.

This got us wondering if any of our readers have accidentally sat on their Switch or another Nintendo device before? Feel free to tell us how it happened in the comments below.