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We've all been there - you're in bed looking at your phone while it's charging, but if you hold it a certain way the power disconnects. Sometimes dislodging pocket fluff from the port with a pair of tweezers does the job, but more often than not your charging cable is giving up the ghost after being stretched and pulled and twisted too many times.

Fear not, for there's a solution and it couldn't be cuter. According to Famitsu, come December, lucky Japanese Pokémon fans will be able to get their hands on six sleeping Pokémon which clip on to the end of the cable and seemingly prevent it from bending and failing over time.

Piplup, Torchic, Meowth, Jigglypuff, Chikorita and - of course - Pikachu will soon be available, and clipping one of these sleeping 'mon to your charging lead also has the side benefit of increasing the nondescript cable's cuteness factor by 1000%.

Apparently they're specifically for iPhones but we suppose there's nothing stopping you attaching them to your non-Apple cables. We're imagining one of these clipped to every power cable around the house. From what we can gather, this is actually the fifth collection of cable-slumbering critters, as you can see below:

Our Japanese is pretty rusty, so we're not exactly sure how you might get your hands on these short of booking a trip to Tokyo, but after looking at images of them over and over again, we've got flights open on another tab...

Is your charging cable fraying near the connector? Well, here's your answer! Let us know if you've somehow got your hands on these and how they're working out for you below.