A pair of trailers for the previously announced add-ons to upcoming zombie survival game Into The Dead 2 have been released featuring two treasured franchises. The one above details a Ghostbusters pack and if you scroll down you'll find another trailer for an add-on based on George Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead.

You'll be strapping on a proton pack as a rookie alongside Egon, Winston, Peter and Ray as you take on paranormal enemies - sounds a little like Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered, then. The Ghostbusters themselves, though, look like a mix of their movie and animated selves - check out Egon's blonde hair.

The Night of the Living Dead add-on is set prior to the events of the movie and has players following the story of Ben. Teaming up with a girl called Alice, you'll be fighting the undead horde across twelve levels, as detailed in this trailer:

With 60 levels, multiple endings and a variety of mechanics including companions and a bunch of different classes, the base zombie survival game looked intriguing before, but this extra DLC certainly sweetens the pot.

The game is available on 25th October and the physical edition includes both add-ons - digital gamers will have to buy them separately. It seems that PAL versions of the physical edition (that's UK, EU and Australia) will have to wait a little longer until 1st November to get a boxed copy. A little late for Halloween, but come on - these movies are evergreen!

In fact, it seems Sony (the owners of Columbia Pictures and the Ghostbusters) is starting up an aggressive marketing blitz in preparation for next year's movie featuring the 'busters. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered launches at the end of this week, Ecto-1 arrived in Rocket League over the summer and there appears to be plenty more to come. Let's hope the movie lives up to expectations!

Have you played this on mobile? Does the addition of these classic franchises make it more appealing? Let us know in the usual place.