Since her starring role in Super Mario Odyssey a couple of years ago, Pauline has been thrust into the Nintendo spotlight. She's already been invited to Mario's tennis roster, and now she's all set to get in on the kart racing action, too.

Yes, tomorrow, Pauline will make her Mario Kart debut in Mario Kart Tour. The character has been revealed today by Nintendo's social media accounts for the new game; it says "her performance will surely be one you won't want to miss".

Of course, Pauline's first appearance came way back in 1981 as the damsel in distress seen in Donkey Kong. Princess Peach soon took her place as the poor Mushroom Kingdom resident in need of saving, but recently Pauline's been strutting her stuff as a singing star in Super Mario Odyssey and as a DLC character in Mario Tennis Aces. Getting that Odyssey gig has done wonders for her career, huh?

Mario Kart Tour launches tomorrow, 25th September. Nintendo has been celebrating the release with some lovely countdown artwork.

Excited to play as Pauline in Mario Kart Tour? Let us know if you'll be hitting the track with her in the comments below.