Tetris 99 Kirby

Nintendo continues to use its battle royale puzzler Tetris 99 to promote various other games. The latest crossover is with Super Kirby Clash – the free-to-start title announced during the most recent Direct presentation.

To celebrate the release of this game, the next Maximus Cup in Tetris 99 will unlock a special Super Kirby Clash in-game theme. You'll also receive 99 Gem Apples for Kirby's free-to-start title. Gem Apples are the in-game currency in Super Kirby Clash and allow players to craft and obtain new items.

To receive this content, you'll need to collect at least 100 points during the Maximus Cup. The higher you place, the more points you'll earn. Qualifying players will receive their 99 Gem Apples via an eShop code emailed to the associated Nintendo account, one week after the event ends.

This upcoming Maximus Cup will start later this week on 20th September and runs until 23rd September. To participate in this event, you'll need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Will you be taking part later this week? Have you tried out Super Kirby Clash yet? Leave a comment down below.