Super Smash Bros Tournaments

Nintendo recently performed maintenance on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and has supposedly changed the rulesets for 1-on-1 Tourneys and Free-for-All formats for the first time.

A user on the Smash Bros. subreddit by the name of JayronAuron (who also happens to be part of the Nintendo Life community), explained how online one-on-one tournaments were now only one stock each instead of two.

Here's the confirmation from the Nintendo website:

Tournament Rules

Smash Bros. Ultimate players aren't happy with this adjustment – with many stating how matches are now much faster, result in sudden death more often or end after one silly error.

Redditor Tehtwo said it was "rage inducing" and felt "robbed" when they did lose. Another user on the Smash Bros. subreddit, known as Interfere, said it wasn't what the community had in mind when asking for changes to be made to the existing format.

When one player asked about Nintendo rotating the rulesets on a monthly basis, another fan of the game clarified how Nintendo "never said anything about this" and another player further explained how it had always been "2:30, 2 stock 1v1 or free for all".

Some competitive players are now even saying they will no longer be playing the tournament mode until changes are made.

What do you make of this? Has this change impacted your own experience with the online mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Leave a comment below.