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Update (23rd Sep): Interestingly, in this video uploaded by The Retro Future, you can see differences in the stick's metal casing (which sits underneath the stick in normal circumstances). You can see it at around the 7:20 mark.

Does this mean that the sticks have been upgraded and are now a more durable component? Perhaps we won't see any drift on the Switch Lite after all?

Original Article (21st Sep): YouTube channel Spawn Wave has conducted a teardown of the Switch Lite and seemingly confirmed that the new console has the same analogue stick design as the original.

Sticks on the 2017 Switch Joy-Con controllers suffer from an issue with "drift" - they register input even when they are not being touched. A class-action lawsuit has been raised against Nintendo on this matter, and the company has started to repair impacted Joy-Con for free.

Although the sticks on the Switch Lite have a different part number, Spawn Wave is of the opinion that they are, in terms of design and materials used, identical to the ones on the original model.

The teardown has also revealed that the battery inside the Switch Lite is 16 percent smaller than the one inside the original, and the battery life is maintained due to a more power efficient version of the console's processor. The WiFi antenna have also been moved, presumably to improve reception.

It is also revealed that the screen is made by InnoLux, the same company which supplies the improved panel on the upgraded variant of the original Switch.

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