We did it, folks. We've finally stumbled across the news everyone was desperately hoping for. Yes, Kirby will apparently purr if you pet him.

We were tempted to just end the article there - because let's face it, that's a happier news story than the vast majority of things you'd read in real-world news - but we should probably explain. The revelation comes from a piece of supplementary material that was first shared around the time that Kirby's Adventure released on NES.

This material was shared once again in Pupupu Taizen, an encyclopedia all about Kirby which was released in Japan in 2012 (you can see it here). The book celebrated Kirby's 20th anniversary, and the text referring to the petting of our favourite happy video game blob has now been posted online by @kaialone02.

We can't recall any games featuring a scene where the player can stroke Kirby or give him a gentle pat on the head, but we now know exactly how our next 'Kirby - What We'd Like To See' feature will take shape. If anyone's uncle really does work at Nintendo, now's your time to shine by passing on our hopes and dreams.

In the meantime, someone better get @CanYouPetTheDog on the line, too.

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