We all love a good Switch system update here at Nintendo Life - so much so that the idea of system 'stability' has become something of an in-joke amongst our lovely reader community - and the latest of these appears to be just around the corner.

Nintendo has confirmed the existence of Version 9.0, which will eventually take over from the console's current 8.1.0 state. The confirmation actually comes via yesterday's SNES Controller announcement; Nintendo's official website notes that in order to use the new controller with your Switch, you'll need to update to this future Version 9.0.

So, we know one feature that will be added in the new update, but should we expect anything else? Well, while we can't know for sure, updates to nice round numbers have added some very neat features in the past.

Version 8.0 brought with it the 'Sort software' feature for your games list, new icons, and the option to transfer your save data to other consoles; Version 6.0 added the Nintendo Switch Online service; and Version 4.0 added the video capture option we've come to know and love. Hopefully we'll be treated to a nice little extra or two. Did somebody say folders?

Naturally, we'll make sure to share any final details on this upcoming update as soon as they arrive. Stay tuned!

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