Dragalia Lost

You could argue that Dragalia Lost felt like one of the least-Nintendo Nintendo games to be released by the Japanese giant when it burst onto the scene last year. Despite originally being strongly against working on mobile game development, Nintendo realised that there was potential in releasing games for a device owned by almost everyone after all, and Dragalia Lost was born as a brand new IP only available on smartphones.

As it turns out, it’s gone on to be quite the success. The game turned one-year-old last week, and in that time, it’s gone on to become Nintendo’s third highest-grossing mobile game. According to data gathered by Sensor Tower, it generated $106 million in player spending during its debut year.

To put that into perspective, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is only just ahead of the new IP on player spending despite it having that famous brand behind it and an extra year on the digital storefronts.

A look at worldwide player spending on Nintendo's mobile games
Image: Sensor Tower

There are other interesting things to note here, too. Sensor Tower’s data also suggests that the average revenue per download for Dragalia Lost sits at around $33, whereas Animal Crossing has an average revenue per download of around $3.60. Part of this could be down to the latter having more downloads overall, but it also hints that Dragalia Lost players are more willing to spend money on the game as a whole.

As you can see in the image above, the very newly released Mario Kart Tour has already overtaken Dr. Mario World in player spending.

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