Bethesda has released a lengthy trailer which gives us a good, proper look at Battlemode, a new multiplayer option set to be featured in DOOM Eternal.

Battlemode is a 2-v-1 multiplayer mode that takes all of the action we know and love from DOOM's single-player content, mixes it up a bit, and fires it into a new, "every bit as satisfying" way to play. You'll recognise the series' signature fast and fearsome combat all present and correct, but in Battlemode, you'll be fighting it out across six different arenas with five playable demons.

One player takes controller of the DOOM Slayer - a fully loaded version, at that - while the other two will control two of those five demons. The goal for both teams is simply to destroy the other, but the way the characters handle and the weapons and abilities available to you are significantly different. You can see all of the mayhem unfold in the trailer above.

Bethesda notes that all future maps and playable demons will come free of charge for all players, so expect more content than what you see here. The game launches on 22nd November - are you looking forward to this one?