Over the weekend, the world's largest fighting game tournament event EVO 2019 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the games on show was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which just so happens to have smashed a world record in the process.

The game reportedly reached a peak viewership of more than 279,000 on Twitch this weekend, beating the record for any game in EVO history. Last year saw Dragon Ball FighterZ set the record number for EVO's main stream viewership with 258,000. The news comes from esports insider, Rod Breslau (thanks, Eurogamer):

It's good to see Smash Ultimate be received so well by the EVO crowd; earlier this year it was revealed that the event would be dropping fan-favourite Super Smash Bros. Melee in favour of the new release, which was originally met with a mixed reaction among fans.

Now, then. We'd better get back to practising with the game's latest fighter addition.

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