It looks like an 'Indie World' Showcase announcement might have been leaked ahead of schedule.

A Twitter user by the name of itssimontime was poking around the Switch eShop and discovered update data for the unique time-bending first-person shooter Superhot - which isn't even available on the Switch yet.

Here are the findings:

Last May, Superhot director Piotr Iwanicki said a Switch port of Superhot was actively being considered but had nothing else to share at the time:

There are plans. It should be there.

There's a conflict with me because I'm the guy who will just say everything up front but the plans are there and we've done some preliminary work on it. It still has no date or anything. But I think it should happen. The Switch is a cool platform and it's an innovative platform. [Nintendo] rediscovered something that was already there. Nintendo is good with their stuff. Superhot would fit there well.

Superhot started out on the PC and has gone on to become one of the most popular VR titles. For a better idea of what this game is about, take a look at the launch trailer below:

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