How the adorable Yoshi should look

In what is the most important article you'll read today, we share with you undeniable evidence that Yoshi and horses should not mix.

When global phenomenon Minecraft crafted its very own release on Wii U several years ago, a Super Mario Mash-Up Pack was released featuring fan-favourite characters. The usual suspects such as Mario, Luigi, and Peach were present, of course, but you could also fend off blocky versions of characters like Hammer Bros. and Dry Bones, too.

As it happens, a Yoshi skin for in-game horses has been found in the data of this pack. It didn't turn up in the final build of the DLC release, suggesting that the developers decided against using it in the end. We can't imagine why...

To be fair, we wouldn't say the Yoshi player skin was any less creepy, really. You can get a glimpse of it near the start of this trailer.

Oh, Yoshi. You poor, poor thing.

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