XBOX Game Pass

In a world where the Netflix app still isn't on Switch, we can still dream and imagine all of our favourite streaming services making the leap over in time, as everything must be on Switch... the internet demands it.

The latest fuel for the speculation fire is a comment which head of gaming services Ben Decker said at Gamescom to Gamereactor:

You know, we would like to see Game Pass on all platforms ultimately and I think that is a long term goal. We don't have any specific plans today, but we would love to see Game Pass really go everywhere.

This, of course, echoes Phil Spencer's comments during E3 this year. In the streaming war between Microsoft with Game Pass and Google Stadia, it does make a lot of sense to get your service on as many platforms as possible.

It's unlikely that Nintendo would want to allow this of course, as anything that distracts gamers from buying first-party games would likely not go down too well in Kyoto. However, Nintendo of America are increasingly getting more friendly with Microsoft by the day... so who knows? Stranger things have happened in the past.

Let us know if you'd like Xbox Game Pass on your Switch with a comment below.