Designing your own courses in Super Mario Maker 2 can be pretty fun, especially when you can share them with your closest family and friends, but this particular level will no doubt stay in the minds of this family forever.

Jonathan Steele has 1-Up'd us all by using the game's course designer to make a level which reveals the gender of his second baby. Sitting the whole family down to watch, Jonathan played through his creation which features little nods to the baby's parents, a giant floating love heart, and even the baby's due date, before eventually revealing the big news.

We won't spoil it, of course, but watch out for some hilarious family comments throughout and a clever dramatic pause near the end (Code: 80H-9P7-QFG):

We had a chat with Jonathan about why he chose to use the game for the big reveal, which actually stemmed from a brainstorming session with his wife, Lissette.

"We knew we wanted to do something fun and unique, but were having a hard time coming up with anything we really loved. Then I remembered that I was waiting eagerly for the release of Super Mario Maker 2. I asked Lissette if she thought it would be cool to use that game somehow for the reveal. She said, 'Yeah, go for it!' Super Mario Bros. is the franchise that got me into gaming. My siblings and I grew up playing the NES together, so I knew it would mean a lot to my family."

Keen Mario fans will no doubt have picked up on the fact that the level starts out as a replica of the classic World 1-1 from the original game which, as you might expect, was completely intentional.

"When I started designing the level, I knew I wanted to begin with the most familiar thing possible. Most of my family aren’t avid gamers, but I knew they’d remember World 1-1. So I started the level that way, building an exact replica of the famous level, including the first underground area. Then I started slowly changing the level and adding the personal touches."

The goal was to combine those personal touches with traditional Mario level design, and to have the family playing along through the excitement and teases showcased throughout; Jonathan tells us that the game made the whole process "so ridiculously easy". Our chat ended with this heartwarming glimpse into the future:

This was the first level I ever made in Super Mario Maker 2, and I’ve made a few more since then. I know I’ll be building and playing levels in this game for a long time. And hopefully one day I can hand the controller to my second-born son, and let him play this level himself!

Congratulations, Steele family, and nice work on the level!