Update: With Fire Emblem: Three Houses launching today, we thought it might be worth reminding you that picking up a copy of the game grants you access to protagonist Byleth in Fire Emblem Heroes. Full details on how to do exactly that are below!

Original Article (2nd July, 14:30 BST): Fans who buy a copy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch will be eligible to receive a version of the main protagonist, Byleth, in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Byleth is the standard name given to the player's character in the upcoming Three Houses, which can be changed by the player when starting their game. The male version of the character is the one who has been chosen for this special crossover; he'll have a five-star rating and will be called 'Byleth: Tested Professor'.


To get the character in Fire Emblem Heroes, players need to register their copy of Three Houses to their Nintendo Account - the same account that is used for their save file on Heroes. If you buy the Switch game digitally, it will automatically be registered; physical buyers will need to insert the game card and manually register it on their system (you'll have until 29th June 2020 to register your copy).

From there, players will need to visit the Present List in the mobile game and tap on Byleth to accept him. If you need any help with any of the stages mentioned or would like more details, Nintendo has shared complete instructions on how to perform each step right here.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches on 26th July. Are you planning on picking it up?