Wind Waker mod
Image: BigSharkZ

We sure hope you're looking to kickstart your week in the weirdest way possible, because that's exactly what we're about to do with this Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker mod.

Modder BigSharkZ has shared footage of their 'The Legend of Ashley - The ROM Hacker' mod for the game. As you can likely guess, Link has been banished in this particular project, and has - for some reason - been replaced with none other than Ashley from the WarioWare series.

Ashley is fully-voiced throughout the mod (you'll hear her mumbling things like "hocus pocus" as she whacks enemies with her broomstick), the story has been entirely rewritten, and all of Link's items have been replaced to suit her style. You can see how all this plays out in the video below, which ends with a Wind Waker-based parody of Ashley's theme song.

We'll put this one safely on the list of 'things we never knew we wanted'.

Thanks to CM30 for the tip!