Have you ever considered playing through N64 classic GoldenEye 007 using only a piano? No? Of course you haven't. Luckily, though, YouTube user Jackson Parodi has done just that and it's strangely satisfying to watch.

Now, we know that beating a game with a weird controller isn't all that special these days - there's probably someone out there who's completed Dark Souls by blowing pieces of grated carrot through the specifically mapped holes of an ocarina or something - but we think this setup is a particularly cool one. You can see which in-game buttons are mapped to which keys at the start of the video, but Jackson also uses the instrument to play music from the game during cutscenes. Try doing that on your Super Smash Bros. bananas.

In a clever touch, the notes used for movement, shooting and menu selections also all appear to be in the same key, resulting in an eerie second soundtrack playing throughout the level. For the most part, enemies are mostly ignored in favour of reaching the end, but some more precise navigation is required when coming up against the mighty gate lock. Take a look below.

Wonderful stuff, we're sure you'll agree. We'd be quite intrigued to see Mario Kart: Bagpipes Edition next if anyone feels up to the challenge?

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