Pre-orders are now available on Amazon for the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ controller. It's touted as "the most advanced controller" from 8BitDo ever and comes with Ultimate Software, allowing you to customise every single aspect of the controller.

In terms of functionality, it is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and multiple other modern devices. It also includes built-in motion controls, vibration, turbo functionality, USB-C, wireless Bluetooth 4.0, a USB cable and has a 20-hour rechargeable battery. It comes in three different variants: Black Edition, Game Boy Edition, and Super Nintendo Edition.

Pro+ is the most advanced controller from 8BitDo ever. With 8BitDo Ultimate Software: Customize everything on Pro+ from button mapping, stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control and even create macros with any button combination. Easily save your settings on a game by game basis with custom profiles.

The controller and software will set you back a total of $49.99 and will be shipped on 7th August. One variant of the controller is listed currently on Amazon, which you can pick up here:

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Here's a description and video of the Ultimate software you'll get with it:

Ultimate software gives you elite control over every piece of your controller: customize button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control and create macros with any button combination. Create controller profiles and switch between them at any time.

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