Although it's probably a good couple of years away from launching, the Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel has obviously become one of the most anticipated games on Switch since the moment it was revealed. News on the game will likely be rather nonexistent until we get closer to launch, but we do know that Nintendo is currently looking for developers to work specifically on the project.

On the company's official recruitment page, two jobs are currently listed for contract employees to work on the Zelda sequel. One is for a 3DCG (3D computer graphics) designer, while the other is for a level designer, and both will be based at Nintendo's head office in Kyoto.

The 3DCG designer will be responsible for working on the game's terrain including field dungeons, with the level designer taking on a role that will focus on the planning and implementation of areas such as game events, dungeons, and more.

While that doesn't necessarily give away any particularly juicy info, the first listing will be accepting applications until 30th September 2019. So, just in case anyone out there was hoping for a stealth release this year, we can safely bet that that almost definitely won't be the case. As we mentioned in our round-up of all things Breath of the Wild 2, we'd take a guess at a 2021 launch if we had to.

We sure hope that release date hurries up and gets here, regardless of when it turns out to be.

[source nintendo.co.jp, via twitter.com]