Hyperlight Ultimate is bringing its attack-on-the-senses-style shoot 'em up gameplay to Switch this month and it looks like there will be a number of improvements over the original game.

Yes, Ultimate is a definitive version of Hyperlight EX which fired its way to the New 3DS back in 2016. We awarded that game a very healthy 7/10, saying that it was a fun high-score chaser but could be a little intense for those not used to the harder side of the genre.

Developer and publisher CatfishBlues Games has got in touch to share a list of differences between this new version on Switch and the original:

- Graphics are now in HD at an higher / constant frame-rate with several improvements and additions in terms of graphic effects.

- The player now has 3 lives to complete stages block and not only 1, so the game is less punitive.

- Using weapons for destroying enemies now slightly recharges the energy (FTL) bar, giving players a new way to refill energy and boosting attack times.

- Weapons can be stored and used at the best time giving a new tactical twist to the gameplay.

- There is a new cooperative 2-players mode that allow players to play together in Arcade, Infinity and Panic game modes, by sharing scores and especially the energy bar.

- Also, we added a new game mode designed to let players enjoy 4-players Versus battles against each other.

- HD-Rumble support for an higher tactile immersion.

- Lastly, we (finally) added support for the online leaderboards, so high-scores are ranked globally.

It releases on 9th July in North America and just a little later on the 18th in Europe and Australia. You can go ahead and pre-purchase it from the eShop right now (European players can benefit from a pre-launch discount if you get it between now and the 17th).

Make sure to let us know if you'll be giving this a go in the comments.