Dry Bowser has now officially joined the ranks in Mario Tennis Aces. To celebrate, Nintendo has shared a brand new trailer showing off his moves on the court.

Classed as a defensive character, Dry Bowser looks just as powerful as you'd expect. The trailer above showcases his standard shots, trick shot and special shot, and also confirms exactly how you can get your hands on the character for yourself.

An in-game tournament is now live for the duration of July which will give you the chance to obtain Dry Bowser early; as is usually the case, he'll then be available to all players starting from next month. Incidentally, the turn of the month means that Fire Piranha Plant is now available to all.

Are you still enjoying the odd game, set and match on Mario Tennis Aces? Will you be checking out Dry Bowser as your next playable character? Tell us below.

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