DOOM II Switch EShop
Image: Nintendo

Yesterday, we got an unpleasant surprise when we discovered DOOM and DOOM II on the Nintendo Switch required players to login to a Bethesda account to play. In fact, you couldn't even enter the game if you didn't sign in. This just didn't seem right for two classic games originally released in the early '90s.

Bethesda has now taken to social media to address these complaints. According to a Twitter post, it says the login requirement was included for the Slayers Club and should have been optional. Fortunately, a fix is on the way:

This statement doesn't clarify if the login requirement was intentional or not. It also doesn't match up with the Switch eShop listings for DOOM and DOOM II, which state the following in fine print: account required. See end user license agreement. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy and additional details at

DOOM 3 doesn't include this message on its eShop page and it has been confirmed players can skip the login process and go straight to the game's main menu.

Are you glad to hear Bethesda will be making the login requirement for DOOM and DOOM II optional? Leave a comment below.