Wii U

The Switch hasn't had much luck with video services so far. There's the YouTube app, but apart from this, there's not much else.

The Wii U arguably has more to offer, if you want to watch rather than play. Now, though, it seems the services on this particular Nintendo device could be winding down.

Amazon has sent out a message to Prime Video users that the app will no longer work on Wii U consoles as of 26th September 2019. Here's the reason:

We are continually upgrading our service and this occasionally means we can no longer support certain device models.

To make up for this, Amazon is offering $25 credit towards select Fire TV devices, allowing users to continue to stream Prime Video. This offer will end on 1st November 2019.

With any luck, we'll hopefully see Amazon Prime on the Switch in the future. While Netflix doesn't appear to be coming to Nintendo's hybrid system any time soon, Disney has shown interest in bringing its streaming service to the platform.

Did you use Amazon Prime Video on your Wii U? Would you like to see it make its way across to the Wii U? Tell us below.

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