Min Min

Not long after Nintendo launched the Switch in 2017, the company released a new fighting game called ARMS. This new IP utilised the gyro feature in the Switch Joy-Con controllers and introduced us to a bunch of energetic characters such as Spring Man and Ribbon Girl.

Now, a few years on, it appears the live competitive online events for ARMS have finally come to an end. The results for the final Party Crash Bash matchup reveals the queen of ramen, Min Min, has taken out the win against Ninjara. In what was described as a "heated rematch" she now stands alone at the top as the best fighter and winner of the championship.

This event happened to line up with the game's second anniversary. In the first year, there were multiple updates including the addition of new characters and the second year followed this up with a number of special events.

Of course, you can still keep playing the game, even though this live competitive online event has now ended. This is a similar situation to Splatoon 2, which will soon hold its final Splatfest: Chaos Vs. Order.

Did you enjoy participating in these Arms' events? Will you continue to keep playing? Tell us down below.

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