Super Mario Maker 2 hasn't even been officially released yet (although we are tantalisingly close) but a game-breaking bug has already been found.

The glitch was discovered by Twitch streamer CaptainMK, who we can only hope has received a retail copy slightly early. As Twitter account @MarioBrothBlog explains, the bug is triggered when a player character is facing the screen holding an item, while simultaneously landing on a Yoshi and a Fire Flower. Should you do exactly that, the game will crash and you'll be forced to restart the software.

You can watch it happen below (skip to the 47:35 mark):

That's obviously a very specific set of instructions to follow and you might be wondering how someone has already managed to stumble across such a thing. Well, as you may be aware, the very same glitch was actually present in the original Super Mario Maker on Wii U - we're not surprised that players would immediately try to recreate the same glitches in the new game, but we are surprised that Nintendo hasn't sorted out old problems for the new release.

Still, glitches or no glitches, we think Super Mario Maker 2 is an outstanding game. Feel free to read through our full review before its official release tomorrow to see why you need to play it.

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