Game Consoles

The Wallstreet Journal has published a detailed report about Sony's next-generation PlayStation. According to the source, the company's aim is to target hardcore gamers and double down on big exclusives and publishers.

In regards to market competition, a Sony representative explained how Microsoft was seen as its main competitor next generation, with Google also a potential threat as technology improves. As for Nintendo, Sony doesn't perceive it as a major rival, primarily because its main users are typically younger than PlayStation's target audience.

Sony's intense focus on large software publishers has also supposedly upset some executives at smaller indie companies – with WSJ mentioning how certain game makers felt "snubbed", in contrast to how they feel about Nintendo. Sony – unlike Nintendo – has no plans to support the indie development scene at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, either.

Nintendo has truly embraced indie games in recent years, with the release of Cadence of Hyrule. This game transforms The Legend of Zelda into a rhythm game and has been developed by the small but talented team at Brace Yourself Games.

Do you think Sony and Nintendo can continue to co-exist? What are your thoughts about the current indie offerings on Switch? Tell us down below.

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