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Update: Well, that was a nice enough E3 presser. We saw some of Microsoft's new games, got a little bit of hype for Project Scarlett and saw in-engine footage of the new Halo. But Miyamoto? Nope. Nintendo wasn't even mentioned once. So much for that.

Original Story: Microsoft and Nintendo have been getting pretty friendly of late, with the two companies working together on things like cross play and bringing titles like Cuphead to a wider audience.

However, if French site JeuxVideo is to be trusted, that relationship could be getting a whole lot cosier. The site has tweeted that Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto will be on-stage during Microsoft’s upcoming E3 briefing, which kicks off at 9PM GMT.

While this might sound outlandish, Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips — who is attending the event — tweeted this cheeky message:

Will Miyamoto really come on stage during Microsoft’s press conference? What will he be talking about? Could this be the start of another big love-in between the two companies, or — rather less excitingly — will it be to talk about Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform?

Let your imagination run riot below.

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