Last month, we shared the news that every single Johto Pokémon was set to launch in Japan in plush form, joining the original Kanto set which was released last year. One lucky soul has done what many of us wish we could do, but never would: buy every single one of them.

Yes, Twitter user @sekai1215 has shared the following images online, showing each and every Johto Pokémon (127 in total including all of the Unown variants) spread across six different shopping baskets. The photos were taken at one of Japan's Pokémon Center stores, where you can pick up all of your favourite Pokémon plush in person.

No doubt recognising just how substantial the purchase was (and hopefully not to look back on with regret in later life), sekai1215 even snapped a quick photo of the till before checking out. The entire set cost 150,876 yen (which equates to approximately $1,390 / £1,096). Wowzers.

Remember that Kanto set we mentioned earlier? Well, sekai1215 owns all of those, too. Yep, that's another 151 of the things that will likely have cost even more than this set. In all honesty, we're feeling nothing but jealousy and admiration at this point. What a hero.

If anyone would like to buy us an entire set of the Pokémon range, we are now accepting plush donations. Thanks in advance.

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