Super Mario Maker

The producer of the Super Mario Maker series, Takashi Tezuka, recently spoke to Game Informer about the sequel, due out very soon on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the original Wii U release.

To this day, Tezuka is still surprised by the creative creations the community has come up with in the first game – saying how he never could have imagined some of the ideas:

"There's actually somebody who made a calculator using Super Mario Maker. That was really surprising"

This level of creativity from players has possibly inspired Nintendo. Tezuka said there'll likely be a point in "years to come" when Nintendo draws on these creations:

"I do think we've probably been influenced by the things we've seen people making in Super Mario Maker up to this point

"But I don't know exactly what sort of concrete form that would take in the Mario games in years to come. With things like that, we'll put the game out, see the reaction from the fans, then make decisions about what we'll decide to include in games going forward."

Would you like to see Nintendo draw on player ideas and creations moving forward? Are you excited about the release of Super Mario Maker 2? Place a comment down below.