Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct offered some new footage and details on the upcoming Luigi's Mansion 3 today. The mansion is actually a hotel this time around! It seems Luigi is holidaying with his brother (they do everything together) when the hotel they're staying at - the Last Resort - turns out to be more than it first appeared.

It's all ruse set by King Boo to capture the Mushroom Kingdom gang, but fortunately Professor E. Gadd is once again on hand to help out the taller Mario brother make his way through the haunted hotel with an upgraded Poltergust G-00. This device can be used to dish out some new moves: the Slam (used to deal damage, and also handy for smashing other ghosts in the area), the Burst (blows ghosts away with a blast of air that jolts Luigi off his feet) and the Suction Shot (fires a plunger at the target which you can then pull at).

This updated contraption is also used to summon 'Gooigi', Luigi's gooey doppelganger. You use this second Luigi to get past obstacles that the cowardly ghostbuster couldn't negotiate all on his lonesome. A friend can also take control of Gooigi in co-op mode.

Also newly revealed is ScareScraper mode which can be played locally online with up to eight players (although you'll need four Switches and copies of the game to to it locally). In it you race against a timer to clear objectives (zap ghosts and find Toads, for example) on a series of floors.

The game's still scheduled to launch in 2019, although we're still waiting on a solid date.

Did you like the look of this Switch entry in the Luigi's Mansion saga? How many do you need before it's a saga? Let us know with a comment below.