During a recent interview with VGC, CD Projekt Red UI Coordinator Alvin Liu explained how the biggest adjustments made to The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch are tied to the user interface:

“The biggest changes that we made involve the user interface and how you interact is a bit different on the Switch compared to other versions."

In terms of "hardware trade-offs" there is less foliage and the draw distance has been lowered:

“Right now there’s a bit less foliage and some of draw the distances are lower… but it still looks amazing. I was very impressed. Unless you pointed a lot of changes out to me I probably wouldn’t have noticed them.”

Liu reinforced the fact CD Projekt Red – in cooperation with Saber Interactive – haven't really had to remove any content in order to get the game up and running on Nintendo's hybrid device:

"You’ll get the full Witcher 3 and all expansions. We’re not really cutting anything."

Overall, Liu says the company is happy with how the game is running on the hybrid device:

“We’re really happy with how Witcher 3 is playing on Switch. It’s still at a quality that we’re proud of"

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[source videogameschronicle.com, via nintendo.com]