Detective Pika

Indian-American film producer Adi Shankar – known for the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania – most recently worked on a Pokémon anime parody, titled: The End of Pokémon.

In an interview about the Bootleg Universe Fan Trailer with, Adi was asked if he thought a more mature-rated Pokémon game would ever have potential. This was his reply:

"I guess this speaks to a larger topic, right? It's not just Pokemon, it's generally how corporations approach intellectual property. Like, does it need to be transpired within the games and within the realm of traditional rating?

"Does Power Rangers always have to be a kids franchise? Do I think ... Pokemon as a concept could be used to explore more mature themes? More adult themes? Absolutely, absolutely. Should that exist? I think so."

When asked if he thought Hollywood was "ready to embrace" darker re-imaginings of family-friendly IPs such as Pokémon, the producer explained:

"You know, I think on some level that kind of already happens. Like, that already kind of happens, right? Batman vs. Superman, the original take on Justice League, you know. If you look at the franchises that were around like 70 years ago? They have been reinterpreted. And it's not always to a dark, gritty lens, right? We can look at Batman, Superman, and Justice League. That was heavily inspired by the Frank Miller take on Batman. And even on some level the MCU, which is not dark and gritty at all, [has done so too]."

Would you like to see a darker version of Pokémon in the future? Do you think there's even a chance of such a thing happening? Leave a comment below.