Watch out!

Remember the free 'Alien Bopping' game added to the Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit at the end of April? Well, Nintendo has now released another mini-game. This time it's about smashing up a city as a gigantic green Godzilla-like creature. The only difference is this monster shoots red balls (imagine them as lasers) from its mouth to destroy the buildings.

Before you download this VR minigame, you'll need to have first unlocked the Toy-Con garage VR programming tool. You can gain access to this mode by completing the activities in the Discover menu and from there, you load up the garage and save this new mini-game data by selecting "Name and Save" within the Toy-Con VR programming tool.

Toy-Con Garage

You can initiate this download by visiting the Switch news channel on the system's HOME Menu and clicking on the Labo VR Channel. Once you've done this, view the 'VR Minigame' post and click the button at the bottom of the page to start up the software and receive the game.

Have you downloaded this or the Alien Bopping game yet? How are you finding Labo VR so far? Tell us below.