It's fair to say that the reaction to the release of the Sonic Movie trailer was not good, with many Sonic fans hating the new more realistic look for the Blue Blur as cooked up by director Jeff Fowler and the team behind the movie.

The backlash was so great, in fact, that the movie has now been delayed until 14th February 2020 (yes Valentine's Day!) so that they can go back to the drawing board and make Sonic look, ummmm, more like Sonic! We've previously seen some fan-made fixes to screenshots from the trailer, but the video above goes even further.

YouTuber Artur Barano, couldn't wait for the official revised version and has cooked up his own revision of the trailer inserting a classically-styled Sonic into the proceedings. We have to say it is an amazing feat and while not quite perfect, he's not working on a $90 million budget like the team over at Paramount Studios, so we have to tip our hat to him.

Perhaps Jeff Fowler would do well to consult the talented Artur Barano to make sure that the revised Sonic they could up with is not rejected by fans again. Rumour has it that Tyson Hesse, the veteran animator behind Sonic Mania Adventures, might be working on the revision.

Have a watch of the video above and let us know if you prefer this version with a comment below.