If the World of Light cinematic in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate left you craving a proper story set within the Smash universe, this new fan-made mini-series might be worth keeping an eye on.

As Nintendo seemingly has no intentions to release its own movie or web series based on its all-star cast in the immediate future, a talented animator and modder, known as King Bob Gaming on Twitter, has decided to create their very own Super Smash Bros. mini-series.

According to the creator's Reddit post, it took them "forever to model the city of Onett" from the EarthBound series in the below 18-second sample featuring Ness zipping around on his skateboard.

In the same Reddit post, the talent behind the project explained how the original idea was to get all of the characters to "organically" meet up in the series. It's also required a lot of research:

"I like the idea of the characters organically meeting in their respective games as opposed to them just being trophies! So I’ve been working on a story to make that happen! It’s been fun, there’s so much about the character’s worlds I never knew about as I’ve studied each of their backstories!"

As for the finer details, a good portion of the first arc will be set within the Mushroom Kingdom and will feature the original eight fighters. In saying this, certain characters might appear sooner than expected:

"Certain characters may appear earlier! For example, a good portion of the first arc will take place in the mushroom kingdom. (4 out of the original 8 come from there) So there’s a possibility of some extra"

You can view more of King Bob Gaming's previous work over on YouTube.

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