Last week, puzzle game Koral launched on Nintendo Switch and PC. We've spoken about it a couple of times here at Nintendo Life, intrigued by the fact that the game was made entirely at sea, and now we can see exactly how the project came to life.

Developer Carlos Coronado presents a 20-minute documentary highlighting the joys and challenges of creating the game at sea. Not having easy access to a power supply may well have caused some headaches along the way, but the scenery no doubt helped to spark creativity and inspire new ideas.

If the video inspires you to give the game a go, you can pick it up right now from the Switch eShop for £10.99 / $11.99. We have a couple of screenshots for you to check out below.

As ever, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Can you imagine setting off the make a video game at sea? One for the bucket list, perhaps?