Since the launch of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit in April, more and more virtual experiences have been released on the Switch. If you have been wanting to get some extra use out of your Toy-Con Goggles, you might be interested to hear Spicy Tails and Gemdrops have announced Spice and Wolf is coming to Nintendo's hybrid platform this summer.

The game is based on the highly popular light novel series of the same name and is also coming to Oculus Quest and PlayStation 4 around the same time. Oculus Rift, Oculus GO and HTC Vive versions have been previously confirmed and are due out on 3rd June for $24.99 each. Here is a brief rundown of the game:

Take up the role of a peddler and experience a wondrous day deep in the forest, in a watermill, with Holo the wolf goddess, cute ears, tail and all!

In addition to the main mode, where you can enjoy anime within the virtual reality space, there’s also an “Interactive Mode” where you’re able to pat Holo on the head, pet her tail, and just have fun examining and moving other objects around the room. Please try it out and see how wonderful the feeling of being inside a 2D world can be, an experience unique to virtual reality animation!

The "Interactive Mode" in the game will reportedly be limited in the Switch release. This mode gives players the ability to pet the head and tail of the wolf goddess and interact with items.

Would you be interested in this type of VR experience on the Switch? Tell us in the comments.