Detective Pikachu

As you might have noticed, Ryan Reynolds is currently doing the press rounds to help promote Detective Pikachu. In a lot of these interviews, he's revealed how he tested out different voices and even channelled the foul-mouthed Marvel character Deadpool.

During a recent interview with Megan Peters from, Reynolds elaborated on the recording process for Detective Pikachu, explaining how he was in the recording booth for about a year with tracking dots all over his body, "throwing 800 versions" of a line or joke up against a wall. While some of the language was a bit "PG-13" other times it was closer to an R-rating. Obviously, maintaining the family-friendly image of Pokémon was the priority, so these lines didn't make the cut during the editing process.

If Reynolds was able to make a more mature movie with Pikachu, he'd likely continue on with the film noir theme, recreating classics such Mean Streets or Goodfellas. Take a look at the full interview below:

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