Super Mario 64

If you've ever taken a break from Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Odyssey and left either game running, there's a good chance you've returned to find Mario sleeping on the job. In Odyssey, Mario could get some shuteye wherever he liked. He was such a solid sleeper, in fact, he didn't even need a proper ledge to nod off. It turns out his original 3D outing was a little more sophisticated, though.

As pointed out on the Supper Mario Broth Twitter account, there was code in Super Mario 64 that made sure there was enough space behind the character before he could take a nap. You can see the differences between the two games in the below tweet:

As explained, if Mario is standing on an edge looking outwards in the N64 outing, he will fall asleep on the floor behind him. However, if he's facing with his back to the edge, he'll refuse to rest. This information about Mario's sleeping habits in Super Mario 64 originally come from the Youtube channel, UncommentatedPannen.

Mario Odyssey

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