The official Japanese Kirby website has published a new collection of items for Japanese fans to snap up. If you find yourself in need of beautification, it seems that HAL Laboratory's platforming pink puffball has got you covered with an adorable range of make up and associated cosmetics.

As you can see below, the usual plushies are joined by an array of powders, balms and lotions available for Kirby fans, each with a tasteful bit of art or the character's trademark visage on it. The glasses case is particularly cute, we're sure you'd agree.

These items join the increasingly comprehensive range of Kirby lifestyle accessories available in Japan. It seems there is very little that you can't outfit yourself with that doesn't have a pink variant with Kirby's face embossed on it. We're not sure where the line between 'cute original idea' and 'uninspired Kirby cash-in' is drawn, but one thing we do know is our house would be chock-full of these assorted items if we lived in HAL's homeland. Oh yes, we'd have the lot; the Kirby watch and the Kirby wallet... although we obviously wouldn't have any cash to put in it.


What's your favourite bit of Kirby merch? Have you imported any items or picked something up on a trip to the east? Let us know below.

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