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In July, Switch owners can look forward to the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses – the latest entry in Nintendo's long-running tactical RPG line, set within a kingdom divided into three states.

In celebration of this upcoming title, GameStop is offering a special deal in North America. If you pre-order and purchase the game ahead of its release, you'll receive an exclusive pin set representing each of the three houses. The three houses are known as the Blue Lions, the Black Eagles and the Golden Deer. As noted below, supplies are limited.

This deal applies to both the limited and standard version, and you'll still receive the pin set if you pre-order a copy online.

As previously confirmed, Fire Emblem: Three Houses arrives on 26th July. In the game, you control a mercenary who winds up at the prestigious Officier's Academy. From here, you join one of three houses, train up a group of students and then embark on various missions across the land.

Is this enough to make you pin down a pre-order for this game right now? Tell us in the comments.