The latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available. Outside of the main patches, this is quite possibly one of the most exciting updates the game has received so far. Version 3.1.0 allows you to view and battle in a brand-new VR mode, provided you have access to the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Goggles.

To play this single-player offline mode, all you have to do is visit the 'Games & More' section in the Ultimate menu and then click on the VR Goggles icon. In this mode, you can also view CPU fights – which is great if you would prefer to take in the sights and sounds of each stage.


  • You can use the Toy-Con VR Goggles to enjoy Smash in VR mode via the Games & More menu.
    • VR mode is a single-player experience only.
VR Update

Surprisingly, this isn't the only feature added to Ultimate in Version 3.1.0. You can now send your amiibo out on an adventure to train it up. To do this, you'll need to be online and keep a close eye on the game to ensure the Switch doesn't go to sleep and end the session.


  • FPs can be used in Battle Arenas.
  • An option to send amiibo out on journeys has been added, through which FPs go on a journey to train via the internet. You can find it via Games & More → amiibo → Send on a Journey.
  • Some of the preferred rules for Quickplay battles have been adjusted.
VR Update
VR Update


  • Game balance adjustments have been made.
  • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.

Click here for the full fighter patch notes

As usual, there is a weekly spirit event taking place. Here are the details and the promotional artwork:

Heroines are taking their place in the spotlight on the Spirit Board with the #SmashBrosUltimate Spirits Event: Super Smash Sisters! The new spirit Peachette will make an appearance, so don't miss out!

Smash Event

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