First 4 Figures has made a name for itself releasing quality statues of characters from throughout video game history. The fine quality of the company's output carries a price tag to match, but you can't argue with the painstaking effort that goes into each piece.

The company has released the above video diary detailing the alterations to its upcoming 'True Form Midna' resin statue as seen at the end of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; press play for an idea of the thought and care that goes into each production.

Although we always found the 'true' Midna to be a bit bland compared to her impish Wolf Link-riding form, the attention to detail going into this figure once again has us contemplating taking out a second mortgage. The regular versions will set you back $484.99 while the 'Definitive Edition' is a whopping $784.99.

The company's website features characters that run the gamut from Mario to Mimic chest and every time we visit we end up contemplating the sacrifices we could make to procure a handful of the figures for our gaming shelf. We'd only need to scale back to one meal a day for a year or two and that Banjo-Kazooie statue could be ours...

Maybe for our retirement...

Have you picked up any of First 4 Figures' previous pieces? Will this Midna be adorning your shelf soon? Let us know with a comment.

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