Following on from the news that Fire Piranha Plant is joining the Mario Tennis Aces roster in June, Nintendo's Japanese website also confirms that Dry Bowser will be coming to the game the following month. With only the above image showing the King of the Koopas in his slimmer form, the text of the website confirms he'll arrive on 1st July with a different play style from his healthier self.

This isn't a massive surprise as his name appeared on a list of potential characters datamined from the game last year, and he also featured in the lineup for the disappointing Wii U outing Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

A huge improvement on the previous home console entry in the series, we liked Mario Tennis Aces a lot when it came out and with the tweaks and additions made over the last year, it's still a cracking digital rendition of hitting a little yellow ball over a net. In lieu of a video for this new addition to Mario Tennis Aces, feel free to enjoy the announcement video for Dry Bowser's previous court appearance:

Have you been enjoying the ever increasing roster of characters in Mario Tennis Aces? Has the game improved since launch? Share your thoughts below.

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