The makers of voice and text chat app Discord were vocal with their enthusiasm for bringing the service to Nintendo Switch back in 2017. It seems that they're still keen to help out players who are perhaps less than happy with the Kyoto company's official solution to voice chat on the console.

After the official Discord Twitter account posted an adorable Animal Crossing Mother's Day pic, a fan asked when we'll be seeing the app come to Switch, to which Discord responded thusly:

So, although the company is still enthusiastic, a greenlight from Nintendo would be needed, and that doesn't appear to be forthcoming. While it's nice to see that Discord are ready and willing to integrate their solution - an app with which a great many people already solve their Switch voice chat woes - into the console itself, it seems that Nintendo is more than happy to continue using the convoluted Nintendo Switch Online app in supported games. Somebody there seems to think it ain't broke, so a fix seems unlikely.

With Vivox, another voice and text chat specialist, having released an SDK for developers to use on Switch, some games are circumventing Nintendo's convoluted system with titles like Fortnite, Paladins and SMITE all using the same tech to provide an in-game solution. We still dream of a slick, system-wide set-up, though! Is that too much to ask?!

What's you experience with voice chat on Switch? Would you be happy to see Discord integrated on the console? Let us know below.

[source nintendoeverything.com, via twitter.com]