Super Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer

If it wasn't already a dead giveaway when we started seeing Luigi in the promotional materials, a co-op construction mode has now been officially confirmed for Super Mario Maker 2. During the latest Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed how you'll be able to pass a Joy-Con to a friend in the sequel and get them to help out or speed up your course creation, with co-op making.

If that's not enough, there are multiplayer versus and co-op modes as well. In online versus, four players face-off in a sidescrolling showdown and race through a randomly selected level. The online co-op requires players to work together to beat a course, and if one finishes it, everybody wins. Last of all is the nearby play option – allowing four players to play together locally on their own systems. Only the host needs to have access to an internet connection in this mode. The selectable characters in these modes include Mario, Luigi, Toad and Toadette.

This online component is supported by a hub known as Course World, where players can browse popular courses, new courses and search with specific tags or a pre-defined set of filters. When a course has been downloaded, it can then be played anywhere and anytime (including offline). You can personalise your own Mii character's appearance in this mode with the clothing items you unlock when you complete objectives in the game. There's also an Endless Challenge, requiring you to try and complete as many courses as possible on a difficulty of your choosing.

Does multiplayer Mario Maker action excite you? Will you be constructing and competing against your friends and family members? Tell us below.