In an article that feels absolutely perfect for our 'random' tag, and as a great way to wind down on a Friday afternoon, we present to you this rather alarming Toad video.

Before we explain what's going on (if that's possible) and before you see it for yourself, note that this little clip has been shared by an official Nintendo account. The video comes from Nintendo's Line account - an instant messaging app that's incredibly popular in Japan - and, at first glance, it's absolutely bonkers.

We've shared it for all to see on our Twitter account. Make sure to turn your sound on as you experience Toad enjoying a good foot pressing.

While Toad's enjoyment levels seem to be creepily off the charts here, watching the video to the end reveals that the person is actually making him do sit-ups, and not whatever you were thinking at first. What a time to be alive.

So, we'll never be able to look at Toad the same way ever again. But how about you? Share your current emotions with us in the comments below.