Throughout the week, the now former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé has been sharing all of the lovely retirement gifts he's received so far. In his latest tweet, he posted a photo of his "most touching" present of all, given to him by David Young, assistant manager of PR at Nintendo of America.

It's a Satoru Iwata amiibo originally made by Nintendo DIY expert GandaKris. Reggie was more than happy to take a photo of the former Nintendo President alongside his own amiibo, which was also created by @MissGandaKris. As he said, all he needs now is a Shigeru Miyamoto amiibo:

Last time. My most touching gift. Given to me by David Young @NintendoAmerica — aka @MusicBankRefuge His Iwata amiibo made by @MissGandaKris Now proudly next to my Regginator amiibo. All I need is a custom Miyamoto amiibo and the gang is complete. T-shirt from @Official_GDC 2007

Other than this amiibo, Reggie received a t-shirt from the 2007 Game Developers Conference featuring a picture of himself, Miyamoto and Iwata on it in Mii form. Take a look below:


MissGandaKris also saw Reggie's tweet and has confirmed she's going to get working on a Miyamoto amiibo right away:

So, Reggie is finally done sharing his retirement gifts. Are these two above the best so far? Tell us down in the comments.